Experience Warsaw

About us

We are a team of energetic guides, both enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our city. We call ourselves Experience Warsaw, because we believe not only in knowing the story of the place, but knowing the place itself from personal experience. Most of us have been born here and lived in Warsaw a good chunk of our lives. And most importantly, we've (mostly) enjoyed it :)

Our motto and company name is Experience Warsaw. Although we love art, history and architecture, we are not date and architect name dispensers. We believe that in order to get to enjoy the place and the flow of the city you need to delve deeper than just historical data. And so it happens that we live with the rhythm of the city. The concerts, the protests (the downside - because of the traffic jams - and upside - because we don't need to travel far to protest in front of the Parliament or Presidential Palace - of Warsaw being a capital), the chill of the parks, the hustle of the rush hours, the buzz of the pubs and the beauty of the art exhibitions.

If you want to see the city from a local's perspective and truly experience Warsaw give us a call. We'll be happy to meet you.




My name is Peter Hardy. Despite the English sounding name it's not. I'm perfectly Polish, born and bred in Warsaw. In fact, I was molded by it. The best thing about being a guide is not only knowing the places, and the stories but also knowing where to eat and where not to frequent.

After hours I play the piano and sing (I imagine I'm highly popular with my neighbours), hit the gym and work as a butler for two cats. And for strictly professional reasons, I do extensive research which pubs to recommend to my tourists.

My name is  Anna Wawrzyniak. I was born and raised in eastern bank Warsaw, but I love Warsaw as a whole, with its stark contrats, its own rhythm, the quirks of specific districts and streets. What I love the most is discovering (and then telling) unexpected stories in seemingly casual places.

In my spare time I take care of my family, ride the bike and imagine finally starting hitting the gym. When nobody can hear, I sing Eastern European folk songs.