Łazienki/Baths Park

Warsaw boasts a plethora of beautiful historical parks. But among them, one park stands out: Łazienki Królewskie. Or translated into English: The Royal Baths. In olden days this beautiful part of Warsaw was the summer residence of artist-king Stanisław August. The park offers a myriad of palaces, follies, monuments, theatres, and other decorative bulidings like guardhouses, stables or kitchens. But, just as importantly, the park is a green oasis right there in the heart of the city. This former royal getaway from the ceremonial grandeur is actually 250 acres of foliage, several ponds and is home to plenty of bigger and smaller animals: peacocks, foxes, hedgehogs, ducks, and, last but not least, squirrels (protip: take some hazelnuts with you!).

If you want to see the park without getting hopelessly lost, take a tour with us!