The Royal Castle

The Royal Castle of Warsaw is a one of a kind building. First of all, it's not what it seems. The historical castle, the seat of the great and powerful kings of old, one of the oldest parliamentary houses in the world ceased to exist in 1944, destroyed by the Nazis. And yet, nowadays the castle stands, overlooking the river as if oblivious to all the terrible destruction. What is more, once you go inside it turns out that the interiors in fact  largely do remember the times when this was the residence of Polish kings. And on top of all of the fascinating tales regarding the olden days, the story destruction of the castle, the risks that people were willing to take to preserve the artwork from the interiors, the story of how the communist party agreed to rebuild a symbol of monarchy, the castle, despite it's austere front facade is just very pretty on the inside. The representational and private apartments were all furnished by the greatest artist to have sat on the Polish throne, king Stanislaw. But this is a story you need to learn on site.