Discover Warsaw's prettiest park - Łazienki

With 40% of its surface being green areas, Warsaw is the very greenest capital of Europe. And among all the beautiful parks and gardens of Poland’s capital, the most important, most beautiful, biggest and just best is Łazienki Królewskie - Royal Baths Park. The former royal summer residence spans over an area of almost 250 acres right there in the Downtown of Warsaw and boasts 6 palaces, several lakes, countless bridges, follies, memorials and a range of bigger or smaller wildlife - squirrels, ducks, peacocks, foxes, hedgehogs and others.

Explore Royal Baths without getting hopelessly lost with a local guide. Enjoy its intimate beauty, interact with the animals (well, if they feel like it) and hear the story of Warsaw’s most prized and beautiful royal residence.

Price: 400 PLN for group, up to 20 people
Trip time: 1 hour 30 minutes