The Royal Castle

The Royal Castle of Warsaw is one of the most fascinating castles in Europe. All castles in the world usually have the same story: they were built to protect something important (a river crossing in our case) a long time ago (13th century), they were decorated by the owners' (the kings') best artists and at one point or another they became a museum.

Well, this is the first layer of our story too. But there’s another. The castle was completely destroyed by the nazis, by bombings and then its walls were blown up in 1944. Yet almost all the most beautiful decorations date back to the 18th century, nearly all the paintings, literally all the sculptures, pieces of gildings and marble tiles here and there, most of the doors and thousands of other pieces were saved. How and why?

Come to our tour to hear the fascinating story of the castle and enjoy the beauty of its interiors with us.

Price: 230 PLN for group(price does not include the tickets)
Trip time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Up to 30 people.